Attached ino file is removed

  • Title:The code attached to a project is lost when I open it from File -> Open Recent
  • Feature: General
  • Is this issue stopping you from further testing? No
  • Arduino board:
  • Windows OS (type): 10 (64-bit)
  • Steps to reproduce: Open HITI panel, Help -> examples and open an example. Then from File -> Open Recent -> Select the project again. The attached sketch is gone.
  • Tell us what happened: When I open the project the first time I can press the code button and the Arduino IDE is launched along with the attached .ino. The second time (from Open Recent) opens a window in order to choose the ino file. I was expecting to launch the .ino file that was originally attached to the project. The same seems to happen if I save the project in another folder and open it from it's new position.




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    Hi Ioannis,

    I could reproduce these 2 bugs, thanks! Both are related to the use of the examples. The linking to the .ino file is lost after doing the following:

    • Bug 1: changing the .ino linked to an example by using the button "change" in the Preferences, then re-opening the same example
    • Bug 2: saving an example to a new location. Linking is lost for both the example and its copy

    These bugs should only affect the examples and their copys. Indeed, examples are special projects which ideally can't be overwritten (changes made to them can't be saved). But it looks like .ino linking is not correctly managed in the 2 above scenarios.

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