Simple system design using HITISoftware

I recently used the software to design the code for a school project for my son (I wanted to have something that works in case of emergency :-) ). 

I used the timers and some of the software tools that allowed me to simulate a full system with RGB led, IR sensor, buzzer and button using only an Arduino UNO board!

It was very helpful to know the value of the timer and the condition of each input and output!




  • Hi Ioannis, thanks for this post :)

    So you designed an emergency system. How is it working?

  • The idea is to be used in order to protect parking places in the  city center assigned for people with special needs.

    The car parks, the LED turns orange and the timer starts to count some time (a few seconds). If the proper code is given then the LED turns green and the timer resets and stops. Otherwise the LED turns red and a sound is initiated. The driver has two options either to give the right code or to leave. In the first case the LED turns green and the sound is silenced. In the second case the sound is also silenced and the LED goes off. To keep it simple the code is given by just pressing a button.

    The whole scenario was tested using only an Arduino UNO and some of the HITI software features. In addition the non blocking timers allowed for a very responsive implementation!


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