RC system voltage control

Here is my experiment with simple 1st order control system (RC). Nice charts, possibility to control the experiment from the menu.



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    Great experiment Richard Balogh !

    If I understand correctly, you closed-loop an RC circuit using a proportional gain and alarm 2 checks if the output is in a specified target range. It also looks like you can activate/deactivate the closed-loop. Am I right?

  • Yes, exactly. I didn't set the controller parameters very well (intentionally), as I want to check whether it is possible to tune parameters using the control panel. I can demonstrate various options to my students very well.

  • This is great! You will probably have some limitations when working with very short response time system, as you will be limited with the sampling rate (10ms min). However this limitation might be useful to you to introduce the Shannon Sampling Theorem to your students.

  • For students, this is not a problem, as I can build the RC system with significantly larger time constant (1 sec). Of course, for real problems, where times are much shorter, there are other tools more appropriate - oscilloscope for example.


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