How to share your experience?

This topic is certainly the most important of the forum as sharing your experience is extremely valuable to all of us. Indeed, this is the place of the forum where you can shine through your technical expertise, by sharing your knowledge and the way our products help you and may help others. The goal is to build our expertise together.

Every month, the most relevant posts are selected and highlighted on the main page of our Help Center in the Projects Highlight. And each year, the more voted posts are rewarded and their authors enter the HITI Hall of Fame for eternity. So, don't hesitate to share your experience and vote for the posts you like. 

The best way to share your experience is by formulating a clear but detailed feedback with the following structure:

  • Title: Brief summary
  • Description: Share your positive experience of the day with the software, how you used it (problem solved) and what you liked about your experience. Add screenshots, codes, or schematics that help illustrate your project.







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