Keyboard Panel

HITIPanel lets you control your HITI Digital Data with your computer keyboard. This means that if you are using a Digital Data as a virtual switch, you can “push” on this virtual switch by pressing one of your keyboard keys. That way, you can control your robots and basically any Arduino projects using your keyboard.

The Keyboard Panel lets you connect a keyboard key to a Digital Data. When the keyboard control is enabled:

  • pressing the key activates the Digital Data
  • releasing the key deactivates the Digital Data.

It is also possible to connect to a Digital Data a combination of keys like SHIFT+R or CTRL+N.

The keyboard control can be enabled or disabled by selecting the corresponding option in the Keyboard Panel.

Example 1

Refer to this example: Digital Data (Virtual Switch).

Example 2

Refer to this example: Keyboard control of a servo.


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