SRAM Panel

To open the SRAM Panel : CTRL+M or Tools\SRAM.


The SRAM library lets you read the sizes of the different memory sections and the size of the Free RAM. As all these sizes vary depending on which part of your code is being executed, the library supplies 3 probes which can be put at 3 different places inside your program to perform SRAM measurement. Monitoring of these probes is easily performed using the SRAM Panel.

Summary :

  1. SECTIONS Panel
  2. FREE RAM Panel



The SECTIONS Panel offers a visual diagram representing the memory sections of the SRAM, based on the feedback from one of the probes.

Probe selection

Select a probe from the drop-down list.

True Scale

This option scales the diagram according to the memory sections sizes. It is checked by default. However, you can uncheck this option to get an unscaled diagram and have a better reading of the different texts and values.

Heap Margin

Check this option if you want to display the Heap Margin.


2) FREE RAM panel

The FREE RAM panel displays the Free RAM sizes measured by the 3 probes.


Refer to this example : Checking your Free RAM.


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