Understanding the Modules

Open the Examples panel (Help\Examples).


1) Examples and Modules

Each example showcases a specific functionality of HITIPanel and shows how to use it in a practical and useful case. You can use them with any of the compatible Arduino boards.

All the examples are organized in Modules so as to offer a fast and progressive learning. Inside a same module, examples must be followed in their given order.


These examples are proposed on an "As Is" basis without any further warranties. In no event shall Tahiti Robotics have any liability to you, or any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or declared to be caused directly or indirectly by the instructions or information contained in these examples or by the hardware described in these examples.


Always perform the electrical wiring with the POWER SUPPLY CUT OFF.

You must absolutely respect and use components values specified in the electrical diagrams supplied with these examples. Check that your components are correctly connected before powering on your circuit and check that their polarity is respected (electrolytic capacitor, etc.).


2) Where to start ?

First start with module 1, then module 2. These modules supply the basic functionalities and knowledges required to build an efficient control application with HITIPanel, and to follow the other modules:

  1. Basics   => complete your knowledge with the basic functionalities
  2. Timing  => Use non-blocking delay() functions



3) What to do next?

Once you are done with module 1 and 2, you can either start enjoying HITIPanel or you can go on with modules 3 to 6. These modules will let you explore additional functionalities offered by the software. As they are independent from each other, just follow only the ones you are interested in:

  1. Debugging           => Debug your code efficiently
  2. Eeprom                 => View and manage the content of your Eeprom
  3. Motion Control    => Control your servos and synchronize their motions
  4. Signal Processing => Use filters to remove noise and to smooth your data



4) Looking for ideas?

If you are looking for ideas about how to use HITIPanel, several complete projects are available showing how to use HITIPanel with robots and sensors from different manufacturers.






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