Managing serial communication

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1) Controlling communication

Use the Arduino Toolbar to control serial communication with your Arduino.image034.png


Selecting the COM Port

Select the COM port of your board.image036.png


Checking communication

After selecting the COM port, HITIPanel automatically tries to open the COM port and to communicate with your Arduino. After few seconds, the following happens (if it does not, see at the end of this article how to troubleshoot communication):

1) The indicator turns green which means the port is successfully opened.

2) Your Arduino board is identified (board type and processor are displayed) which indicates that communication is correctly established.image033.png


Closing/Opening the port

Use the button to close or re-open the port. HITIPanel will automatically try to communicate with your Arduino after the port has opened.image040.png


2) Selecting a Baudrate

The default baudrate value is 250000. You can just keep this value if you are fine with it. In case you need to use a different value, pick one from this list and change it :

  • In your code =>  HC_begin(baudrate)
  • In HITIPanel =>   in the Settings (CTRL+P or Tools\Settings)image030.png



3) Troubleshooting serial communication

Please refer to the following article if you met any issues with serial communication.


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