What is HITIPanel ?

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HITIPanel is a control and data acquisition software for Arduino. It provides customizable control panels for easy control of Arduino boards, and graphs for data acquisition and export to Excel or Text files.

HITIPanel just requires a serial connection from your Arduino to your computer (via USB or serial pins). This serial communication uses a a proprietary protocol that is handled by our HITIComm library in your Arduino program.


1) HITIPanel benefits

Control and monitoring

The control panels let you control and monitor your I/O and data easily :

    • I/O control panel : for digital and analog IO
    • HITI Data control panel : for program variables and values of interest

They are quick to customize and can be used to create simple but effective user interfaces for your applications​.

Data acquisition and export

The graphs let you acquire and export data versus time or date easily. They are quick to configure and can be used to plot, analyze, and export your data to Excel or Text files.


HITIPanel helps you save development time by offering :


HITIPanel is not an IDE. To write your Arduino code, we recommend using either the Arduino IDE or the Visual Micro IDE.


2) HITIComm benefits

HITIComm includes several Arduino libraries to boost your programs with essential functionalities for your applications.

Signal processing

The Signal Processing library helps you filter data stream from your sensor to remove noise and improve resolution. It is particularly interesting when your sensor has poor resolution or when it is placed in an environment with strong electrical noise.

Task duration control - Multitasking

The Timing library helps you control the duration of tasks in your program, as a replacement for the blocking function delay(). Indeed, a blocking function placed inside the loop() will prevent your program from doing anything else in parallel, including control and data acquisition with HITIPanel.

This is why all our libraries are non-blocking. As a result, they are also ideal to write multitasking programs, that is Arduino programs where several tasks must run in parallel (ex : communication + output control + input monitoring + motion control + signal processing).

Servo motion control

The Motion Control library helps you control the position and speed of your servos with sub-degrees resolution. What’s more, it lets you synchronize the motion of several servos moving at the same time, which is ideal for robotics application. On top of that, servos can be moved using your keyboard.


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