Troubleshooting serial communication

After an attempt to open the COM port, you may encounter the following issues:


1) The indicator remains ORANGE or RED



This indicates a problem with the COM port. Try the following actions to make the indicator green :

  1. Check the COM port:
      • Is it the correct one?
      • Is the port not already opened by another software?
  1. Re-select the port (drop-down list)
  2. Close the port (button), then re-open it
  3. Close the port, unplug your Arduino, then re-plug it and re-open the port
  4. Restart HITIPanel (may be required if you plugged in a new board and a new Arduino USB COM port driver was installed)
  5. Close HITIPanel, unplug your Arduino, then re-plug it and re-open HITIPanel


2) The indicator is GREEN, but your Arduino remains unidentified


Communication could not be established. Possible reasons are either a bad baudrate settings, or a problem in your code, or a compatibility issue with your Arduino. Try the following actions :

  1. Check the baudrate settings. The baudrate value must be the same in your code and in HITIPanel.
  2. Re-upload your code
  3. Check for bugs in your code
  4. Check that your Arduino board is compatible with HITIPanel


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