Monitoring variables and values

To identify a coding mistake, you can monitor variables or values located anywhere in your code or in your libraries using HITI Data. To do this:

  1. Select the variables and values to monitor. Variables of interest generally used to spot bugs are states, flags, indexes, counters, data, sensor values, calculation results…
  2. Use the appropriate functions in your code according to the type of your variables and values :
      • Boolean ---> Digital Data ---> HC_writeDigitalData (index, value)
      • Others (byte, char, int, float, double) ---> Analog Data ---> HC_writeAnalogData (index, value)
  3. Use the HITI DATA Control Panels to watch your variables and values.
  4. Use the Chart to check how your variables and values change over time.


Refer to this example : Watching variables and values.


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