Configuring the Chart

Open the Chart Configuration Dialog box.


Summary :

  1. Chart title
  2. X axis
  3. Y axis
  4. Validate/Clear config


1) Chart title

Enter a title for your chart.


2) X axis


Sampling Rate

Select a Sampling Rate. This is the rate at which new data is acquired and added to the Chart (e.g. 2s means new data is added every 2 seconds). The smallest sampling rate you can select is 10ms. However, when choosing a sampling rate, always take the highest value you need for your measurement to limit the quantity of acquired data.

Moreover, for Sampling Rate smaller than 50ms, only the first 4 data selected for the Y axis will be able to follow this rate due to serial communication speed limitation. Sampling Rate for the other data selected will be restricted to 50ms.


Select a Unit :

  • Time
  • Date : select a Max Unit to display as well (e.g. selecting Days will force Days to be displayed right from the beginning of the acquisition)

Display Range

Select a Display Range :

  • All : The Chart displays all values from the beginning of the acquisition
  • Last : The Chart displays only the last acquired data in the range specified (e.g. 5 seconds means only data acquired in the last 5 seconds will be displayed)


3) Y axis


  1. Click on +/- to add/remove a data to the Chart

  2. For each data, select a Data, its Type and Index (if applicable) :

    • IO
      • Digital I/O : IO type is automatically recognized (input or output, output type, servo…)
      • Analog Input
    • HITI
      • Digital Data
      • Analog Data
    • SYSTEM
  3. For each data, set or change Ymin and Ymax (if applicable).

    Leave it empty or write “-“ to activate auto-scaling. In the following example, auto-scaling is activated for Ymax :


4) Validate/Clear config

Click “OK” to validate the configuration. Back to the Chart window, the Configuration Indicator has turned green to indicate that the Chart is configured.

Once your chart config is configured:

  • The following config parameters can still be changed at any time, even during data acquisition:
      • Chart title
      • X axis unit
      • X axis display range
      • Y axis min and max values
  • The other config parameters can no longer be changed, and you can no longer add or remove data as well, unless you click on button “Clear” in the Configuration Dialog. Be aware that this action clears the configuration and erases all acquired data.


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