HITIComm is a set of pre-compiled Arduino libraries which add extra functionalities to your Arduino sketches.

Our base library is also called HITIComm (it has the same name as the whole library set). It manages communication with HITIPanel. It deals with the serial protocol and manages IO, HITI Data, Servos, Sram, and Eeprom. You must include it in all your projects requiring communication with HITIPanel.

The other libraries are optional. You don’t need to use all of them. Just pick the one you need for your project.

All functions and variables from the libraries have their name starting with HC_. The same applies for the naming of the optional libraries. This naming convention helps you differentiate our functions, variables, and libraries from others.


1) Base library

  • HITIComm - for serial communication with HITIPanel and appropriate management of IO, HITI Data, Servos, Sram, and Eeprom.


2) Optional libraries

  • Timing - for control of durations of one or several consecutive tasks
  • Motion Control - for motion control of one or several synchronized servos
  • Signal Processing - for signal filtering (average, median) of data stream


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