Using the IO Control Panels

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  1. Click on “IO” to display the IO Control Panels.

  2. In the DIGITAL I/O Control Panel, select “ALL” to display the Command Panels of ALL the pins.

  3. The Command Panels of the 10 first pins are displayed. Use the Navigation Arrows to navigate through the Command Panels.

  4. Select “SELECTION” to display only a selection of Command Panels. Then click on the “+” button to add a Command Panel to the selection.

  5. Click on “+” once again to add a second Command Panel.

  6. Select pin 3 (connected to the Switch) and pin 13 (connected to the on-board LED).

    The configuration of the pins is then automatically retrieved and displayed.


    Moreover, the on-board LED is indicated by a dot next to the pin it is connected to.

  7. Toggle the switch connected to pin 3. You should see the input toggling in the Command Panel.

  8. The LED on pin 13 is already activated (according to the code). Deactivate it using the button in its Command Panel. On your Arduino, you should see the on-board LED switching OFF.

  9. Give a name to each pin by using its Label so you can identify it more easily in the project.

  10. Save your project (CTRL+S or File\Save).


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